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A native Arizonan and mother of two, this bi-cultural powerhouse knows and understands how opportunity can be a game changer in a person’s life. Regina is prepared to fight for what is right for working families and to make Tucson a safe, clean and environmentally sustainable city that provides access to economic opportunity for everyone.

LUCHA is proud to stand behind Regina Romero.



Already Registered to Vote?

If you are registered as a member of the Democratic, Republican or Libertarian Party, you will automatically be mailed a ballot on August 2nd for the Mayoral race and the Council Member race for your ward. Ballots must be returned by August 21st. The City of Tucson elections is a mail-in election only.

Who is eligible to vote in the City of Tucson Primary Election?

• You must live within the City limits since July 28th.

• You must be registered to vote prior to 29 days before the election, which is July 29th.

• You must be at least 18 years old on the date of the election, which is August 27th.

Not Registered to Vote?

The City of Tucson elections is a mail-in election only. You must register to vote by July 29th in order to vote in the Tucson Primary Election.

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